Greymouth Seaside TOP 10 Holiday Park



Check out all the events that are going on in Greymouth & the surrounding areas!

Gold Nuggets Mx

When: 23/01/2021 - 24/01/2021

Where: Waipuna Station Mx Track

Check out the racing on display from 4 years old through to the veterans, beginners through to the top riders.

New Zealand TQ Title & Championship

When: 29/01/2021 - 30/01/2021

Where: Greenstone Park Speedway

Check out the action down at the Greenstone Park raceway.

Gold Trail Mountain Bike

When: 07/02/2021

Where: Shantytown - Moana

Gold Trail is an amazing ride through the history of the West Coast & the Gold Trails that both our ancestors & many Chinese walked, in the search for their Gold riches on the West Coast. This 40Km ride shows you some of the untouched beauty of the West Coast, from native bush & trees to the natural flowing creeks coupled with the forestry roads for plenty of surprises on your ride.

Coast to Coast

When: 12/02/2021 - 13/02/2021

Where: Kumara

The Coast to Coast is an iconic multisport event, begining on the West Coast that sees competitors run, cycle & kayak their way over the South Island to finish on the East Coast in Christchurch. 

Greymouth Rotary Street Fair

When: 14/02/2021

Where: Greymouth Town Square

Check out the town square for loads of Sunday evening fun & eating whilie enjoing the live music.

Old Ghost Road Ultra Marathon

When: 20/02/2021

Where: Old Ghost Road Trail

The Old Ghost Road Ultra Marathon is run entirely on The Old Ghost Road located on the West Coast of the South Island. Touted as an ultra-marathon to 'test the best', competitors will face more than 2600 metres of cumulative elevation gain and will have 17 hours to complete the course.

Art in the Park

When: 06/03/2021 - 07/03/2021

Where: Grey High Gymnasium

Art in the Park is a vibrant, exciting festival of West Coast arts, featuring visual arts including painting, sculpture, pottery, carving, weaving, photography and objects of art.

Wildfoods Festival

When: 13/03/2021

Where: Cass Square, Hokitika

From delicacy to disgusting, check out all that is on offer at the Wildfoods Festival & enjoy the live entertainment while you do so.

King of the Coast

When: 10/04/2021

Where: Greenstone Park Speedway

Check out the action down at the Greenstone Park raceway.

Around Brunner

When: 01/05/2021

Where: Moana

This 130Km bike race takes you through some of the amazing West Coast scenery & caters for riders of all abilities, weather your out to win or just have fun while participating.

South Island Ultra Marathon

When: 08/05/2021

Where: West Coast Wilderness Trail

This trail has been described by so many as the Most Scenic Mountain Bike Ride in New Zealand. Now you have the chance to run it. These Ultra Marathons give everyone the chance to experience some great racing in the beauty of the West Coast of New Zealand, whether you’re a first timer or an elite athlete, the challenge is here for you.

Spring Challenge Greymouth

When: 01/10/2021 - 03/10/2021

Where: Greymouth

Spring Challenge is one of New Zealand's best in adventure racing, where teams of three women take part in an adventure that includes rafting, mountain biking, hiking & orienteering.

Greymouth Street Races

When: 23/10/2021 - 24/10/2021

Where: Greymouth Town Centre

Join in the excitement as over 100 riders on a wide range of machines battle it out to be first over the line in their respective classes.